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  1. You will find the hyundi coupe in this list.
  2. What are the manufature names for these cars? link to GTC.
  3. There are a couple of cars I would like to get hold of but I can,t seem to find them can some one help me plz. 1) Hyundi Lantra (stock) 2) Hyundi Lantra (modified) 3) The black car that Vin Desil drives at the end of the fast and the furious. If they doent exist how do i make them?
  4. Is there any more infomation about this mod?
  5. k thanks but i dont think the veyron is an austrailian car.
  6. Please could you find a Bugatti Veyron?
  7. HALO_16


    Is there any possible way to make a moddifacation garage mod for vice city. Like wheel arch angles in SA, but a bit better. i would like to be able to mod cars in the same way as they are modded it the ps2 game F&F Tokyo Drift.
  8. You can us any car to drift if you set up the handiling right. heres the tool I use.
  9. What do you meean by drift cars, modified cars?
  10. Can you help me find this suzuki for vice city?It has got to be my favourite car.
  11. Thanks m8 love the pic/avatar thingy
  12. Is there a easier way of finding it? This could take days lol.
  13. HALO_16

    My mods

    I need help, i have a idea for a car mod that will replace the cheetah. It is based on my rc car but i dont kow how to make it. please help. If you can help heres my email adress HALO_16@hotmail .com
  14. Do any of these sites contain player models, if so can you try to find halo player models in differant colours or just a texture guide for halo player model please?
  15. Where can this mod be found, sounds interesting?
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