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  1. Let's talk about weird things in GTA San Andreas!
  2. You're right, it happens in the Tattoo Parlor, and it's always the same person: About the "Kifflom" thing, I never thought of searching for patterns in the clouds ; but where you at the top or at the old cabin halfway-up the mountain when you saw it ?
  3. that's "Reeces Hair & Facial Studio", I did the camera thing but I didn't see nothing. next time when it happens, take a picture
  4. Vl4d

    MOD show off + MOD info

    Do you have your own MOD and would like to show it to others or would like to talk about it? Do you have a problem or don't know how to install a MOD? Then you came to the right place...uh...I mean topic...! If you have made a MOD then tell us about it , show pictures of it and why not , a video clip ! If you have an idea about a MOD but aren't sure about it then ask our opinion and we will also give you some tips! If you have a problem with a MOD then we will help you!
  5. This is just a glitch in the game but it's weird...... So........ , what's with the telephone in the middle of the desert and with those body bags ?Does anyone know the time or place when they appear ?
  6. TFY765 , do you know how could I change the name of this topic ?
  7. Do you know that biowaste / toxicwaste well somewhere in the LS countryside ? Well I'm moding it so it can be enterable and I will make a secret tunnel with the next contents : -a road that leads all the way to the Johnson's House -a runway for planes that has the exit above a river -some secret rooms with all a room needs (couches , chaires , tables , TVs , casino games , food machines , etc.) -vehicles and airplanes -and lots more! This mod will be available here and at all SA download sites in 22 April 2008 or 22 June 2008.
  8. Hey guys I'm back from the Christmas Holidays and ready to mod San Andreas !
  9. Talk about weird things like ghost cars , UFOs , Big Foot ,etc. Chat and show your pictures with funny happenings in the game. Laugh and talk about the most stupid things that you saw or experienced while playing! -----GRAND THEFT AUTO SAN ANDREAS-----
  10. OK.Now let's talk about the game. I think that all of you saw this glitch:you are in a Monster Truck driving around and you run over a car's hood with the truck's left or right tire.When you get the truck's tire off the hood,the car bounces and flips 3 or 4 times in mid air,eventualy landing upside down a blows up. I see this thing all the time because I like to drive a Monster Truck.
  11. I made this forum because of 2 reasons: 1:In this forum you can chat about more things 2:My other forum didn't have any replies for 2 days and started to be unused
  12. I KNEW IT!Did you modify the photo?And even so,here are some friendly advice: -try to make the rezolution of the aded photo to look the same as the rezolution on the real photo -make the background colors match each other -DON'T LET ANY OBVIOUS LINES!
  13. I have two explinations about the photo: 1:The photo is modified.The UFO is added on this photo from another picture. 2:The UFO is a moded hunter helicopter. PS:I have the mod but I didn't used it yet.
  14. HEY!You said all that **** about me? I openned this forum a few days ago and I don't want to close it because of an insulting guy! This is a subforum about weird happenings in a game not for people to insult each other for GODSAKES!!!
  15. I didn't say that was paranormal! I posted it because it's a weird thing that happened and just that!
  16. HA HA HA!How about this?Isn't it funny? I jumped out of the Monster Truck and...BANG!Right in the house.After that it blew up.
  17. HEY,I know what I saw! Still,it can be just a bug that Rockstar made to freak out players. There are other weird things we can talk about.Just look at the next photo:
  18. HA HA!You make me laugh!HA HA!
  19. That is a paranormal activity?A blue line in the middle of the screen?
  20. If it's just a bug then why does it appear only at midnight and dissapears after 00:05? PS:It only happens after 20-30 days (game days) after the last apperition
  21. LOOK!I've put these two photos one near the other so you can see clearly "the aparition".Look at the corner of the room,right on top of the plant near te kitchen entrance.There is like a sphere of yellow-orange light,also know as an "ORB".An ORB is a sphere of rezidual eneregy that appears before or after the appariton of a ghost.If you can't see the difference now,I can't do anything else.
  22. This is the last photo I've taken in that night.It was made at 00:15.You can see that the light is gone and the dishes are back on the right counter exactly as it was at 23:45.This a really big proof that CJ's house is haunted by I don't know who is haunting it.It can be CJ's mom or CJ's brother,Brian or even his dad,Beverly!
  23. This is a photo that I took at 00:00.There is a light at the top of the stairs and the dishes in the kitchen are on another counter!SPOOKY!!!
  24. LOOK:This is a photo that I made with CJ's camera.It was taken at 23:45.Nothing special,Until...
  25. I have 3 photos that I've taken in one night and it is proof that CJ's house is haunted.It may be the ghost of CJ's mom or the ghost of CJ's brother,Brian.