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  1. Screw that Sony should suddenly make a payment of $100 mill in September to get it released immediately, to make the market explode. Are you joking me, two years ago in their financial report they released it said the majority of their profits came from their blockbuster Spiderman 2, and with Spiderman 3 earning even more than that I think Sony couldn't possibly have more money right now, as long as they keep pumping out blockbusters Like Casino Royale and The Da Vinci code. Besides that even if Sony's gaming division went down, like Square Pictures, the parent company would come back and make FF7: Advent Children, having said that many forget when they draw comparisons, between the Dreamcast or the Saturn and the PS3 that Sega was only a Gaming company just as Nintendo is only a Gaming company, they don't make consumer electronics or own large record companies, or Movie Studios. So in REALITY Sony or the Playstation will never go the way the Dreamcast or Sega went, also it took Sega two failures to stop making consoles (not including the Sega 32X), so anyone drawing comparisons and saying Sony is gonna go down is a fool.
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