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    my wishlist for gta:san andreas is: 1)more different faster cars(the fast and furious type of cars) also to be able to build youre own super car 2)be able to fly with a war helicopter or something like that 3)more then 5 five gangs where you can work for and get their respect(something like gta2) 4)what maybe would be funny is if you could work for the cops if you wanted to? 5)more missions and be able to choose witch missions you want to do or not. 6)more weapons 7)to be able to build youre own gang or gangster paradise buy and sell stolen cars own buildings where you can hide youre stolen cars and other things or selling drugs that you stole from an enemy gang 8) more different people in to the game. also some people with a lot of money in their pocket would be nice 9) be able to rob a bank or store 10)be able to destroy buildings (at least some of them)and see the repairs going on on these buldings also you can see how mutch the city has got to pay for the damage that you maked(like stolen cars,destroyed buildings or police cars,murders and mutch more)and you can be able to get the city without money if you wont and then control the whole city and rhe cops work for you then these are my wishes