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  1. VRocker did the base code for vc-mp mirc admin & also did a multiplayer for san andreas with AlienX called RPG:Andreas BrophY is in MTA:QA. Fading name tags makes the screen less messy, you don't want to see a person who is on a different island to yourself... if you wanna find them, there is such thing as chat =D i msg'd you on msn the other day chris, needed someone to help & wondered if you wanted to have a quick play but you never replied. anyway, thanks for comments
  2. Liberty-Unleashed is an upcoming Multiplayer modification for GTA3. Some of you may be thinking "GTA3 is old and the newer GTA's are much better", but there are a few people out there in the whole GTA community who find GTA3 to be the best GTA in the series. Some of these people include VRocker, the developer of Liberty Unleashed; myself, in the test team of Liberty Unleashed; and finally the others in the team. VRocker decided to make this mod as the only other mod is MTA 0.5, which sadly lacks some features which will be included in Liberty-Unleashed. So far in the mod there is basic foot sync, some weapon sync (grenades, molotovs, shotgun, flamethrow, sniper, rocket launcher). The aim on the weapon sync is almost pixel perfect, we have had many tests with the sniper when standing far apart and the accuracy on it is still amazing. There is vehicle sync but there is a bug in the angles which VRocker is trying to find an address for to sort out. AdamX, a member of the beta team, has been adding screenshots & videos to a place on the forum each day after we have tests.. this is some of the stuff he has added so far... 29 July 2007: Day not over - Nothing to comment on Random Fight with Me, VRocker, CookieM, Mike, Mad_Boy, Rebel Jumping... Definately synced - 28 July 2007: Not much new at the moment, got a few more screenshots of weapons and vehicles (Still Buggy) in use. Stupid Cola machine doesn't work! Vehicle in use Random Shotgun Image - 27 July 2007: A good day in testing today. We got to test weapon sync (Some had tested before, this was my first time). The weapon sync is to the pixel precision, and snipers can snipe for miles aslong as the player is still in view (Which is a LONG way)! Some weapons currently arn't active and some have some bugs to be ironed out. But besides that, a good day of testing. Flame Thrower Shotgun Rocket Launcher (RPG) Pointless Sniper Video Pointless Fight Video (New) - 23 July 2007: This mod is currently compliant with all Anti-Piracy acts - When using a pirated client you will crash. The team is currently obtaining GTAIII from the local crackhead as they can't play. But we can't leave you without news, so here is a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on its head - 22 July 2007: Fading Nametags at distances - Screenshot Please don't spam this topic with GTA3 is old.. etc etc, this is purely for fans who miss the old GTA3 multiplayer days and want a new experience... oh and the website.. http://liberty-unleashed.co.uk or join us on irc.. irc://irc.gtanet.com/gta-LU - CookieM
  3. Theme looks awesome Xbox360 ftw. cheers for posting this.. i wouldn't have noticed otherwise!
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