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  1. right i dont no if its just me BUT some people are NEVER HAPPY.....allways bitchin and pickin at things.....if its not the GFX of san andreas......its the "lack of things to do" in IV and the driving...........if you cant drive in IV DONT DRIVE THEN.....dont blame the game for the fact you suck at drivin, and if theres not enough for you to do after completin IV......then play online or somethin....just stop goddamn bitchin.....some people just dont seem to understand that compremises have to be made and when R* made IV they obviously had to make some compremises to make such a big city with such good GFX.....sein as people seem to be soooo focused on GFX its rather sad and pathetic.
  2. found this on gamespot Update designed to eliminate multiplayer-related freezing issues in Sony edition of record-breaking open-world action game now available for download. Last week, Take-Two and Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV debuted to much fanfare, both critically and commercially. However, soon after the game's record-breaking launch, word began to circulate that freezing issues were marring the experience for some gamers, with PlayStation 3 users reporting the lion's share of the problems. In subsequent days, Rockstar forwarded all requests for comment on to Sony, and Take-Two offered a laundry list of proposed solutions through its tech-support service. With Sony saying that all parties involved are working on a fix for the freezing issue, Rockstar has today announced that a patch for GTAIV's multiplayer component on the PS3 is now available for download. According to Rockstar's statement, GTAIV's multiplayer--which sold 3.7 million copies on day one and 6 million for its opening week across the PS3 and Xbox 360--was putting too much of a strain on its strain on its hosting partner's servers. "Rockstar Games has released a GTA IV patch for Playstation 3 today that prevents Gamespy's servers from being overloaded and therefore reduces the impact on those servers that were causing the game to stutter and lock up," said Rockstar in a statement. "We continue to monitor the performance of the game both on and offline and will provide further updates as necessary. We want to assure everyone that, together with our hardware partners, we continue to strive to give our fans the best possible interactive entertainment experiences possible. This update will ensure that everyone will experience Grand Theft Auto IV the way it was intended. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused." Rockstar did not elaborate on how, exactly, the patch will influence server load, and the publisher had not responded to requests for comment as of press time. The publisher also had not provided any additional information about attempts to remedy less widespread reports of the 360 edition of GTAIV locking up.
  3. theres a v1.01 update for GTAIV anyone got any details on what it does? ive just downloaded it on me ps3
  4. is anyone else havin trouble with there levels? i was level 1 last night and when i came on today i was back down to level 0 i know other people this has happend to aswell....has it happend to anyone else? if so anyone no why its happenin?
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