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  1. NEW SERVER IP HostName: Platinum Gaming Roleplay [New Features!] Address: Players: 0 / 100 Ping: 29 Mode: PG:RP 5.8.0 R5 Map: Los Santos 2014
  2. “We Know What Roleplay Means” **About Us** Platinum Gaming has been working hard now is back and better than ever. Our Admin Team has been re done so no player has the fear of being banned for no reason or any other reasons. We Want to Show the Samp community that we know what role-play is and we intend to bring professional Role-play to our servers. We Don’t Tolerate any DM or RK etc. Upon entering the server we have a small RP quiz you will have to take and then a small Tutorial after that then choose your refund package. Hope to see you there!! **Server Information** Platinum Gaming has been Developing hard and for the past 2 Months we been Adding in Features that we hope you would like Such as Dynamic Fuel Stations Dynamic Business (24/7, Clothing Store, Phone Company, Restaurant, Hardware Store) Dynamic Gates Dynamic Garages Fire System Inventory System (Briefcase, and /inventory CMD) Dynamic Lockers for Factions Dynamic Houses Updated Bank Dialog Vehicle Dialog Radio Boombox System Drop Gun & Pickup Gun's System Signcheck System Custom Speedo for Cars Car Wash System (Now you can Wash your car) 3 Donator Levels Pearl, Emerald, Diamond Custom Mapping Vehicle Rental System Pay Phone System Call From anywhere now 3D Callsign Feature for Police Department **PG: RP Refund Information** You Choose an Refund package from 1 or 2 Then Choose What type of Vehicle Refund you want all through dialog Everyone gets 1 Month of Pearl VIP free if you wish to continue this subscription then we have a marketplace where you can place your order. **PG: RP Factions Information** Los Santos Police Department ( keeping the city under control and arresting every one with illegal items Los Santos Fire & Medical Deparment ( Random fire to keep you busy ) The Government ( keeping the governor safe looking after Los Santos ) Help us Expand and More Factions Will be Available Such as San Andreas Sheriff Department **Family and Gang Information** We Have 14 Slots Ready to be Filled Just apply on the forums and we will determine your application **Server Information** SAMP: samp.platinumgaming.net:7777 TeamSpeak 3: ts3.platinumgaming.net Website: www.platinumgaming.net