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  1. I saw somebody had asked a similar question to this a few years back and you guys gave some good answers so I'm gonna go ahead and ask the same question. The room I'm gonna be "converting" is medium-sized (it's not my bedroom, but the room next to it. My bedroom is too small for a gaming setup) and has a carpet floor, just for clarification. I'll go ahead and list it's contents: - A spare bed - 4 cupboards on the wall - Chest of drawers - Desk - Gaming PC - Razer Goliathus Speed Extended mouse mat - Roccat Kova+ mouse - Gigabyte Force K7 keyboard - Old 32" Digihome TV - Dell Inspiron N5110 that's 2 years old - Xbox One - Roccat Kulo headset and crappy HP headset - Edifier E1100 Predator 2.1 speakers - 2 giant Assassin's Creed 4 posters - A big Nuka Cola poster I have a budget of about £4000-£5000. And if it helps, my computer has an i5-3570K (running at about 3.40GHz I think), 8GB of RAM and a GTX 780. The Xbox One and PC are both hooked up to the 32". Thanks guys!