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  1. B-Zone Community invites you to the biggest romanian SA:MP server(San Andreas Multiplayer): (RPG2.B-Zone.Ro:7777) Hostname: B-Zone: RPG Server 2 [0.3x] Address: DNS Address: RPG2.B-Zone.Ro:7777 Players: 300+/1000 Why B-ZONE? - a gamemode that copies the reality, most searched. - the server runs on the whole map of San Andreas. - the most popular romanian server. - a good way to have fun with your friends and make ones. - informative help for all the new players form Helpers and Admins. - the posibility to level up faster. - tutorial vehicles for new players that are chaging when they level up (Level 1 - Faggio, Level 2 - Perennial, Level 3 - Bobcat, Level 5 - Bravura, Level 7 - Landstalker). - accesible prices to buy vehicles, houses, business and jobs that offer you a good profit to raise money. - refferal sistem where you can benefit( money and respect points) if you bring your friends on the server. - event system that allow you to easly make an event. - a lot of new things that you have to discover from yourself, you won't regreat. Factions - Pacefull (level 5): Los Santos Taxi Las Venturas Taxi San Fierro Taxi Paramedics News Reporter School Instructors Tow Truck Company - Gangs (level 7): Verdant Family Vietnamese Boys Green Street Bloods The Tsar Bratva Red Dragon Triad Southern Pimps Avispa Rifa El Loco Cartel 69 Pier Mobs - Departments (level 10): LS Police Department LV Police Department SF Police Department Federal Bureau of Investigation National Guard - Agency (nivel 10): Hitmen Agency We expect to feel well with us!