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  1. oh ok didnt see there was a topic about thanx
  2. has anyone seen the beating heart in the statue of happieness
  3. im not asking for a save game or anything, i was just wondering so i could back it up
  4. is there a way to transfer the files off my xbox to 360?
  5. well that sux so theres not really a point for a camera phone except for some missions then shaun...
  6. shaunw

    Clan Poll

    big clan ftw but it would be hard setting times and dates for the matches when some members are in other countrys than others. what will we be doing there? shaun
  7. does anyone know if you can view the pics you take with your camera phone?
  8. lol....yeah thats what i meant but is it just a cutscene?
  9. i think it only australia getting the unedited version
  10. well isnt it just a cutscene? and its for xbox360
  11. lol....using the indicators when ur in a cop chase.....let them know where your going
  12. thanx chris, but i might get it from my local stores..
  13. yeah thats what i was gonna do, but i wanted the special edition...lol ohh ok, but my sister works at kmart so i shouldnt be to worried...
  14. ok, thanx husky im might order it from my local kmart then shaun
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