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  1. Um, I have a Ultimate GTA: Vice City, at first the game served me, but of five days and one dawn of playing it had an error - Unhandled Exception : c0000005 in adress 00640d0b when I load my Di_do Dodo savegame and shows me the screen: Loading Game... Please Wait... the error occurs, or After 5 - 10 Secs after Ken Rosenberg gets into the hotel where a sedan and a Faggio spawns, The error still occurs. In my savegame I sort of using cheats only NUTTERTOOLS , ASPIRINE , and LEAVEMEALONE. And when this dawn I played, it has this error. CAN YOU HELP ME SOLVE THIS? Like I don't wanna waste my money. But I have a GTA VC in my USB but I hadn't tried it yet, 'cause I don't trust it.I can't easily find a new VC because; Internet Cafes have no USB Cords, and the Internet cafe that have USB Cords is very, very, very, VERY way far from home. And if your infos and help works, thanks in advance. Much Love from PH...