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  1. do u all noe how to fly a hydra ?? i noe how to kept it wheel but it seem to be hover all tyhe way and i can't get any faster btw i'm using com
  2. hi i'm stuck at a mission btw i'm using com to play GTA SA u noe the mission tat u use the lowrider ?? i can't seem to make it dance and wherever i press the keys it kept on havin the remark bad and i can't seem to pass tat mission tat mission is veri importen because after tat mission i can mod my cars ! but now i can't pass so can any1 help me ??
  3. hi...i have mani fast and nice car but i can't mod them because i dun hav the code can u all gib me some ... btw i 'm using pc to play i reali need tyhe code asap thx u all
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