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  1. cameroncrogers

    Nothing but problems on Xbox 360 (need help)

    Ah I know exactly who you are. I'm not ccrogers, but I know who you are talking about. My username was residentevilob until they banned me. For some reason they were under the impression that I was a male faking as a woman, (No idea how they happened, don't ask), and they banned me saying I was someone else using a fake account. No idea why. Anyways, I fixed the problem. I bought a 20GB hard drive today and installed it. Issue resolved. I guess it simply cannot run from disc, which is odd considering all other games work just fine. Its odd because Fallout 3 and NV are extremely buggy games but play perfect on my system while GTA IV is almost unplayable unless its installed.
  2. cameroncrogers

    Nothing but problems on Xbox 360 (need help)

    No, I am in no relation to whoever that is.
  3. I recently bought GTA IV on the Xbox 360. I have an Xbox 360 Slim 4GB version, and I run the game from the disc (not installed). Well, for whatever reason, after playing only a few minutes, the framerate will dip between 15-20 FPS, making it hardly playable. Buildings will also be delayed to appear on the streets, and the game all around just feels like crap. I recently played it on the PS3 and had absolutely no problem. Is this a common issue when running from DVD? I don't want to think its my 360, because if it is, I will be returning it and switching back to PS3. I know I am late in the gen to be buying these older consoles, but I moved to 360 at advice from my friends, but so far, I am far from impressed. GTA IV being my only game on the console right now, I have no idea if its just the game or the 360, so help would be very much appreciated.