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    Attention Modders! Please read this.

    Hi everyone. Me and my friends (LC Brothers) play GTA IV everyday. Now it has started to get boring. We play free-mode and we are looking for a mod. This is an assignment for all modders. We have a HQ which is Goldberg,Ligner and Shyster. We are requesting a mod for Multiplayer that all of us can use. We have apartments that we have set for each of us and any feature on that would be well appreciated. Features we want are: 1. Our HQ should be marked on the map. 2. Everyone should be able to choose a personal car that cant be destroyed or unspawned fromthe game. 3. If possible we want money that we can deposit using th ATMs aruond liberty and that will be saved every time we leave and should be there at the next time we meet. 4. We act like we work in the HQ so we would like to have an animation showing that we are working.(We have specified rooms for everyone). 5. The personal car should also be marked on the map where ever we leave it and should not dissappear. Contact me- [email protected] Please attemt to do this project and put it up on media fire or some other media sharing network cause I dont check my gta place.com account Please Help guys