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    XBOX 360 controller, windows 7

    Also I have the steam version of this game if that helps. Just tried starting the game. A button is fire/punch. B is sprint. X is jump. Y is get in/out of car. Cant change the view with R analog, D pad and L analog both let me walk. Mainly all I need is for the 2 Triggers to work and the view on the R stick
  2. I know this has been discussed numerous times, I know the newer 360 controllers dont support older games. I've tried a few suggestions given by a few posts in here, but perhaps I'm just not that technical. When i start up my game the B button acts as the A button, the Y button acts as the B button. I sswitch those up in control settings so they work normally. When I tried setting up the rest of the controller, the LT and RT dont work, nor do the analog sticks nor the D pad. I've tried using Xpadder, Joy2key (though I didn't know what I was doing in that and Control MK (followed the steps given in a few of theses posts and it didn't work either...or I just misread.) Someone please help. I dont want to dish out another $20 for an older controller. I like the 360 controller and I know people who have no problems using it even in VC.