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  1. Nvm i completed it already. Thanks to whoever tried to help
  2. i have tried flying higher. However, I cannot go very high or the engine will fail me or smt. Can somebody just help me complete it? Thanks
  3. weird, according to the video, the plane can catch up easily. However, in my game i can't seem to catch up with the other one. Thats why i cannot complete it..
  4. I have tried many many times to get it right, but i still cannot get it. Any help would be appreciated.Please help! Thanks. DL here
  5. Now i need help with another 2 missions.. n.o.e. and freefall. Please help! Thanks. DL here
  6. I have a problem with the flying school. I cannot finish the missions. I have tried like 20 times and still cannot get it. Can you please help me finish it then send it back to me? You can download the file here. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi Guys! i just joined. Hope to have a nice time here
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