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  1. Hmmm i had the same problem with GTA: 3 But my bro helped me figure it out handling.cfg was messed Most likely yours is too. I'd suggest you just reinstall your backup copy of handling.cfg (you DID make a backup, didn't YOU?) and try agin. good luck. now for some random hot bikini goodness:
  2. Good job on that mod I tried to make the exact same mod myself but the face got messed up but anyway gj on the mod i'll download it ---i love mods
  3. Ppl should start making more GTA: 3 Car Modifications. VC is ownin that 'developement department' and currently I'm, hypothetically downloading an illegal vice city copy, but its taking forever. I love GTA: 3 anyway, but I want to see more car mods 4 the Manana (I hate that original car). oh ya by the way Grove Street For life.
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