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  1. Johnline

    New Stunt Vid - Animosity

    Then I bow down to you all, cause those stunts are extremely original and hard to pull off. Im gonna have to try that "bike stuck method" cause I've been meaning to model ramps to do certain stunts and grinds, but now I can just use bikes as makeshift ramps . My Organised Chaos 2 video has been put on hold for the moment because I am desperately trying to live up to your stunts and insert newer stuff into the video. I haven't seen many "underground team" stunt videos, but yours definately set a benchmark for me. Nice work.
  2. Johnline

    New Stunt Vid - Animosity

    Seriously........... WOW. This video is enough to put me out of business. My Organised Chaos 2 is soon to be released, and I thought I was the first to do some of the stunts that are in mine, but nevermind I think they differenciate enough . One thing I'm not sure of though is the modding of the games physics...... i.e the stuck bike method. Although it says no mods or cheats were used, I am left a little suspicious of the grinds. I have never heard of the stuck bike method, but im pretty sure some of the grinds weren't possible without some kind of cheat. For instance, The airport parking lot (adjacent to the airport perimeter) had a small (low) inward 360 off a ramp onto a grind all the way along the fence. I have spent hours trying to land that and seeing the collision files of the fence, its pretty much impossible. Also, you came off the ramp with medium speed (hence a low jump), yet speeded up whilst in the grind. Modding the physics and using bike cheats is fine, but one thing I could suggest is having a list of physics/bike mods that were used at the end of the video. As that separtes the men from the boys I like to think . However, if I am completely wrong about cheating in the video, I bow down to you, as those stunts were innovative and to the limit. For my video series, I already had Organised Chaos 2 and 3 done, however I decided to fuse all the stunts from 2 and 3 together to form Organised Chaos 2 - containing over 50 stunts. This video will remain in my collection for a long time, I especially liked the use of PCJ's as ramps. Good work.
  3. Johnline

    New Stunt Videos

    Hi all, I only just found out that there was a comments thread for my and my friend's Organised Chaos video. Thanks for all your comments, some of the negative ones are helpful. The Organised chaos 2 videos are pretty much done, but I am scrutineering them for originality and repeditive-ness. This may delay the videos for realease, but will ensure they are good. When messing around in Vice City, I find it hard to find new obstacles that have possible stunts, but I will scan the map extra hard for more stunts - especially for Oragined Chaos 3. I will add some new map mods also - some of my own, so I can pull off stuff on the original map which would otherwise not be possible. As for bikes, I am still mainly using the Buell Lightening 2.0 and the Yamaha YZF 450. So is Sean I think. Well anyways, the new videos should be ready soon, and a bit smaller in file size than the first ones. Thanks again for comments.