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  1. Welcome to LCSO & LCFR Gaming: LCPDFR Are you looking for a GTA IV PC Role-Playing Gaming Clan. Well you came to the right place. We just started a remake from our old clan called Liberty County Sheriff's Office & Liberty County Fire/Rescue. Right now we have positions that need to be filled and we are looking for members that will help increase this clan. A few positions that we have opened is our High Ranked departments, Pack developer, Dispatcher, and many more. We have our own pack out right now that includes: Fire, EMS, Tow, and Sheriff. We also have divisions that need to be filled like our Traffic, SERT, Fire, EMS, Tow, Investigations, and many more. We have our own TS and website. Come check us out at Website: http://lcsolcfr-gtaivlcpdfr.enjin.com/or visit our TS: ts121.teamspeak3.com:6256 vvvvv REQUIREMENTS vvvvv Must have a working Mic Legit copy of GTA IV Moderate to Open NAT Type Team Speak 3 Be able to follow the simple rules And your GTA IV skills With all that being said come check us out. If wanting to see a few videos made by us check out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNloNfmx4Cpe5b_APfs1aDA We are accepting all applications that fit our Requirements. Questions & Answers: Q: I'm in another GTA IV Clan that isn't going anywhere. Will I be able to join yours? A: Yes and we will give you a better position then what you where in your clan depending on your skills. Q: I just started a GTA IV Clan but don't want to worry about paying for anything. If I move my clan to yours will all my members be accepted in and will I be an admin? A: Yes we are accepting the ability for other clans to merge with us and with the high ranking members in your clan will be able to fill our high rank positions. Q: Is your clan going to transfer over to GTA V? A: Yes well our clan will move over to GTA V but will also stay for GTA IV for those who don't have or won't get GTA V.
  2. LCSO Community We are looking for more people who are wanting to join a clan for GTA IV that like to use LCPDFR. We are called Liberty County Sheriff's Office (LCSO). We have over 25 people in the clan right now. We have our own CAD/Dispatch system, Uniforms, Vehicles & much more. We have many open positions to be filled like Deputies, Dispatch, SERT, and K-9 Unit. We do a patrol between 1-2x a day 7 days a week. We do mainly do Serious & Non-Serious Patrols. Better hurry if you want to join this clan and to be in some YouTube Videos. We have our supervisors recording us every time we do patrols. We will train you to know how to do everything with GTA IV including using mods and much much more. REQURIMENTS: 1. Must be able to follow RULES & GUIDELINES 2. MUST NOT BE IN ANY OTHER LCPDFR CLAN/COMMUNITY TO JOIN OURS. Contact US: 1. Apply at our website http://libertycountyso.enjin.com/ **Referred by W. Plunkett** 2. After applying you can wait on Enjin to receive a message from your application or you can join our TeamSpeak Server and wait for someone like Kyle, Brock, FTO or Admin to talk to you. Right now W. Plunkett aka is on most of the time. TS Server: ts101.teamspeak3.com:5872 TAGS: LCPDFR TeamSpeak GTA GTAIV LCSO SERT Patrol Traffic
  3. LCSO Community We are looking for more GTA IV Clan members for our LCPDFR Clan. We are called Liberty County Sheriff's Office (LCSO). We use LCPDFR 0.95 RC2, ELS V8, DAS, ALPR, and Police Helper. We are working on our own CAD/DISPATCH system. We have our own Clan pack containing Peds, Component Peds, and Vehicles. We have 19 people in the clan. We are just looking for more members that are wanting to Patrol. We patrol anywhere between 1x a day everyday to 1x every other day. Right now we are looking for More Deputies and also looking for a full time Dispatcher mainly. Must be able to learn or know how to put mods into GTA IV Directory. Must be able to follow rules and guidelines. MUST NOT BE IN ANY OTHER LCPDFR CLAN/COMMUNITY TO JOIN OURS. If you're interested in joining the LCSO Community please create an account on our forums and apply http://libertycountysheriffsdepartment.freeforums.org/index.php After applying you can join our TeamSpeak 3 Server: ts101.teamspeak3.com:5872 and then wait in the Lobby for either Brock, Kyle, FTO, or Administrators to get a hold of you.
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