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  1. cool boxart. lookin 4ward 2 the 3rd trailer. like everyone else here said i also hope the release date is in the 3rd trailer but wouldnt hold my breath. anyone else notice the ps3 80 gig available now? going for $600.00 also. thats the one i was waiting for. now i will buy it. about the liscense plates being on the fronts of cars when i lived in iowa they had them on the front and the back both and in illinois as well. but only the back plate had to have the renew sticker.
  2. i was only glad i beat the game was all. also i said thank you to those that helped me. thats it. you guys crack me up. especially mrllama. took a dump time for a new post...lol i wont spam the boards anymore. and i am sorry but not for my acomplishment.
  3. ok i just bought the game and my ps2 . i also work 60 hours a week. i got grown up bills to pay. they come first. not my game. you dont like what i post? ignore it. sometimes the best reply is no reply . anyway i am done.
  4. a wise man once said ."it takes a big person to ignore negative people. those narrow minded small petty people will never prosper." i gotta agree with him. admins or mods delete me as a member. i refuse to be a member of such a negative place.
  5. sorry i shared. i thought this was a friendly place. guess i was wrong.
  6. I finally beat this long long long game. sure took a while. gta liberty city stories wasnt this long. it was relatively quick. this game though man over 100 missions. now i get to sit back and wait for gta 4 like the rest of the world. :) :) thanks everyone for all your help and tips.
  7. dang double post. ignore this one. sorry.
  8. ok maybe i did this mission? i sure dont remember it. also why cant i buy the car dealership called wang's autos??
  9. i like where my beach house is and up in the hills where my other house is behind vinewood hills sign. i like the area where me and cesar's garage is as well. and i guess the strip is cool. i like the ghost town. and the small towns are cool too. ok ok i like it all.
  10. ok 4 more missions. this riot one is odd.
  11. ok got it. thanks everyone. i am now on the cj missions. toreno is finished. and i am only a few missions away from the end. thanks....
  12. OK this damn hydra cant fly worth a damn. i hate it . it flies like its drunk or high . i would rather fly the hunter helicopter. at least you can control it better. i am on toreno's last mission. has anyone else had this much trouble? or am i the only one that fly this damn mickey mouse jet? then all thats left is cj's missions.
  13. cool thanks. my email is [email protected] that is if you dont wanna spoil the game for new players. i do need help for las venturas as i listened to some advice and axed the girl friend and so far no call from woozie?
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