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  1. I'm having loads of trouble making the mods that I've downloaded work with this mod installer. I suppose the biggest problem is something about scripts. It says I need scripts for my mods or else it won't work. Is there a topic that goes into more detail on how to handle this?
  2. Derek Hurst

    When I download mods how do I get them on my GTA:SA game?

    From where would I download the software? btw, is the downloadable content here safe? I've been getting something called a Trojan.Vundo ever since I've downloaded mods from here. One more thing, once I get the nessacary software, are the files I've downloaded from TheGTAplace useful then?
  3. Derek Hurst


    If you're asking how to take snapshots, you need a camera. Theres a certain, purple symbol of an old kind of camera that can only be seen through a camera lens. Get a close up of that and thats a snapshot!
  4. Derek Hurst

    When I download mods how do I get them on my GTA:SA game?

    I know about all that but I don't have any of that. I'm wodering if I downloaded some of the downloads from this site, and I don't have the nessecary software, how do I get all the downloads on my game?
  5. Me and my friend have downloaded a bunch of files for car mods, but we don't know how to get those cars on our GTA: San Andreas game