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  1. I'm going to say that I like the HUD. Rubbish? It's got everything the old GTA's had. Health, Armor, Stars, Weapon Icons and ammo. The only thing it lacks is the time, which I'm sure will be checked on your phone. Everything is small and sleek now, so I'm only praising this. But on the topic of textures, I'm sure the gameplay will look much better than this. As it has been said, the trailers are an example of that. Also, on the map color - I'm partly with The Dealer. I could see how the map could change colors through portions of the map, or by personal preference, but the different colors we're seeing might be the wanted stars level. I noticed in other exclusives, the portion of map that was marked by the search areas (Where you try to escape from) was differently colored. Perhaps what we're seeing is the search area extending beyond the displayed portion of the map?
  2. View Scans of Review here: http://cid-3085454822782b0d.skydrive.live....wse.aspx/Public A scary document from EA: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/712...058/dsctota.htm Anyway, this looks great. This is just making me more hyped up. I'll have fun with that mission with the bodies in the trunk. Anybody else think the DLC is going to be more online missions for multiplayer?
  3. I have my doubts on the article, yes. But I doubt he was making up what was said - just that the information is inaccurate. This review was all over videogame news sites, but I haven't seen this MTV interview but from your link. In the review, he said the model he was playing was dated as 2/2/08 - so it could have changed. Though I wouldn't see how it would be logical to remove split screen just because one version doesn't have it. I'll wait until official reviews, or when I actually get the game, before I call on this on. MTV has screwed me over before, but so has other news sites. Sorry, I'll stop the ranting now - just hoping on that offline mode.
  4. The Dualshock 3 was just released - I saw two today when I went and picked up R6V2 from gamestop. The reviewer said that the head count was slightly lower on the Xbox, but nothing to worry about. And it wouldn't seem fair to me to remove split screen just because one of the systems did not have it. Ever since I read that article the other day I allowed myself to be hyped up about the multiplayer, and now I'm going to be mad if the game ships with no splitscreen - it's all my friends and I have talked about. Where we live, high speed is unavailable, thus making online impossible - and games like WarHawk pointless, and if this turns out to be the truth - GTA4 multiplayer.
  5. I read the leaked review that was released, and it said that the PS3 version had split-screen, but oddly not the 360. The reviewer said he played both versions, and that was the only major difference apparent on the systems. Now, I know either article could be wrong in some way, but I'm going to stand behind/hope in the split screen being present. I will be throughly p!ssed if I cannot sit down and play with my friends offline - bad move. Multiplayer will mean absolutely nothing to me if this is true. EDIT: As not to be flamed/called a liar... Link to article and full review, here: http://www.gamerevolver.com/article-113-CG...eview-here.html
  6. I checked out the site this had originally been released on, before the screens were removed and found some of the info. They say that the graphics have been toned down slightly for multiplayer, to allow for smoother movement and game play. Now, I feel these new screens can reflect the actual game play, but will not look like this. Have you noticed some of the screens we got a little while back seemed kind of choppy and such? And seeing the new Trailer, and the commercial for game stop, we can tell that the game looks much better in action than these earlier screens we had criticized. I think that these screen can be compared to those earlier screens in terms of quality. They won't be as good as single player, but that doesn't mean they're bad. Multiplayer will probably look much more polished in game. Anyways, how much time are you gonna take to stare at you and your enemies' character and clothe details in the middle of a gun fight?
  7. That's just wrong. Us, the population, doesn't get a chance at becoming the first to beat the game. Oh well But yea, the game is set in 2008. They changed the original date after the delay to match the release.
  8. Holy crap the multiplayer looks awesome. I'm gonna love playing this. Here's to hoping there's an offline mode!
  9. You got the screens OGTAM? Could we get a peek?
  10. Maybe it's because all the other ones have been outside... I dunno, it just seems different. It might be because of the colors. If you notice, the Sanchez is a bright red while Niko's helmet is a bright-ish blue. Very different from the darker, more gritty colors we've seen.
  11. @ mark123 That's true. If it's like Halo and other games you can system-link if you want more than 4 players. Meaning you'd have to have 2 TVs and systems. But myself, I'm fine with only 4. I only have 3 friends over at once usually - and we loved running around on San Andreas, despite it's great limited abilities. It got boring, but I know we'd spend a whole weekend just sitting around playing GTA IV the first several times they come over.
  12. That would make me very mad. If I can't play offline with a friend then multiplayer makes no difference to me. GRAW2 and many other games are made for online but include offline because more people actually play offline than online players because of several factors. It'd be kind of a bad move to make local play on San Andreas, then drop all multiplayers but online.
  13. No, never. Army of Two was real fun, but I have a feeling that if EA hadn't acquired the studio, then it would have been much better.
  14. Maybe it will have actual comedians or such that will really make you laugh? I still have my fingers crossed. There hasn't been a mention of offline multiplayer/2-player. Hopefully the multiplayer preview later this month will confirm offline.
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