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  1. aly

    SA-MP - New Version

    Look dont do another topic if we tell we might get banned so google is ur friend lol by the way urban how do i use my dollars?
  2. aly

    Corrupt Files

    I bought version 2 but downgraded on this website i can mod it but cant use saved games
  3. aly

    Corrupt Files

    I reinstalled gta san andreas its completly clean i downgraded it and put in a downloaded save game i load it then after its done loading the screen goes black and returns me to desktop with teh same crap gta_sa.exe not responding anyone have a sloution?
  4. aly

    Img_tool 2.0

    I tried doing that to gta3_img thing but when i close it and go back to it it still ahs that block there kno y?.
  5. Everytime i try to connect it says locate gta_sa.exe i think and when im forced to close samp i get about a thousand errors with numbers lik 000000000 its real frustrating any one kno how to get it working? (im running on vista is that the problem?)
  6. aly

    Saved Games

    Everytime i download a saved game and extract it to user files and i load and play it ,it closes the game and says something like gta_sa not responding anyone kno how to fix this?
  7. aly

    Img_tool 2.0

    omg dude i did but when i go back to check its still has that little block in the read me place and every singe freakkin time i try to rename oor replace or delete a file using img tool it still says file acces denied and every time i start img from my desktop says failed to set data for " what the **** does that mean sry just really frustrated a p/ssed off
  8. aly

    D or C

    Is it okay to instal san andreas in D not C? cause everytime i instal i in C it will not respond at the loading screen
  9. aly

    Img_tool 2.0

    Yea but i just dont get it how do i backup i kno how to extract a file but should i extract to desktop andhow come i always get an acces denied?
  10. aly

    Img_tool 2.0

    have 2 questions if anyone can plz answer 1.I start the img tool from desktop and run it then it says failed to set data for " whats that mean? 2.I tried replacing a folder but it says acces denied so frustrating any one kno y?
  11. aly


    lol um im sort of runnin on windows vista is that a problem? cause i was able to play before but the after my disaster i couldnt play?
  12. aly


    sort of the problem have no idea how to downgrade need help with that
  13. aly


    I modded the second edition of SA not knowing i had to downgrade it i (think u have to do that) the game will freeze in the loading part I reinstalled it and it still freezes when its halfway there it says something about gta_sa.exe not working waht is that and how do i fix that (lol cause im a noob new to this stuff dont kno what im doing)?