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  1. Guys i figured it out................ i backed the old gta sa incase if when mod the game gets desrtoyed so it wasnt moded and i opend it and remove the cars from it then save the fiel then i go to moded sa and boom works fine Happyyyyy
  2. U got to be kidding me!!!!! i have to uninstall all the mods fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i installed at least 90 car mods man how the fuck will undo that (i used sami ) i dont want to undo all that shit i am in bullshit now..... can i use the garage editors or something to get rid of all the cars in my garage ? and if there is empty garage and i go to it will it crash? and how long will it take me to get a reply a year? man i am so fucked
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