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  1. @RauliuxRaulix ah, ya - conozco el caso. buenísimo mano.

  2. @chenteydrach mindsmash - bill wurtz - the school of life - powerfulJRE

  3. RT @epicjefferson: Thinking of Puerto Rico's energy crisis, we published a manual for setting up a solar kit for $200. EN ESPAÑOL https://…

  4. Hoy leer un libro puede ser un ejercicio de disciplina para muchos. Se me hace fácil imaginar un futuro donde pase lo mismo con películas.

  5. Now Recruiting Founding Members. Three key players to establish a new brotherhood of GTA motorcycle enthuthiasts. THE DEAD RIDERS CLUB An MC is a family. These three positions are crucial for its growth and survival. We will establish the Rules, Recruitment Policies and Club Activities. The Dead Riders Club has a temporary website and emblem that will be redesigned within the next couple of weeks. If leading a legit MC is something you'd like to do, have a Mic and are 24 or older, send a message through the Recruitment section of the site or through the Rockstar Social Club
  6. Sonido Genuino. ♫ In Shadow – Los Manglers http://t.co/uEXb5J4IQU #NowPlaying