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  1. the music was brill. as it was the time when rap was just becoming the new 'Thing' they did pretty well to catch the early 90's feeling music wise. i'm a fan of rap. not huge but i like it and so. i like most the music even the none rap stuff

    eDIT: Sorry i didn't realise the last post to this topic was on the 21st. i don;t think thats too bad of a bump?

  2. the Girlfriends. it's a nice touch to the game. and it would be great if planned out more. but i think it;s the worst bit of SA.

    it's annoying when you're just messin around in Los Santos and then Barbara calls you from all the way over in Venturas askin for a date. and you're like, man i can't be arsed goin all the way to Venturas. it's just annoying

    there is also eating and losing your well earned muscle but thansk to the 'Never got hungry cheat' that is no longer a problem

  3. blimy i've got way too many. i've been hanging around gtaforums.com for the past few months and have made 30 or so home videos.

    ok so here are a few of my videos

    Kippers' Videos

    sorry if some of them apepar to be in bad quality. the ones in bad quality are my old ones when i was filming off the TV. i now have a Video card and can record in alot better quality

    Atomic bomb

    I line up roughly 40-50 vortexs in the grove and blow them up massive explosion

    Atomic Bomb 2

    This is the sequal to atomic bomb where this time i line up 50 or so Hydras and blow them up. this causes an even bigger explosion

    Atomic Bomb 3

    This is the sequal to Atomic bomb 2 where i once again blow up 40-50 Votexs up ontop of Mount chilliad. the explosion is something you see outta the matrix B)

    Fireman sam

    i dunno urm this is just a tribute to the San Andeas fire departmean. i felt that the fire team in San Andreas where probably the most left out part of the game. so i decided why not make a vid

    Jump Los Santos

    This was a hard one. i was set a challange by someone on another site. to get from the road of Los Santos to the top of the highest building useing only a BMX and the super bunny hop cheat.


    this one was for a competition to see who could get the most headshots before dieing bo cheats used. but only in manual aim. and i won :D

    Crazy Town

    Me and a Friend were messin around with the walk through walls code on the ARmax and well it didn't really do what i thought it would do.


    on this video i show the effects of the Nitro on all bikes cheat.

    ok so thats all the vids i;m gunna put on for now. i hope you like them the people down at gta forums sure did. i'll put more up later if any of you like these


  4. pretty much what i was expecting was in it. well i was expecting less glitches but they kinda make the game funner in a way. urm....More freedom in 2-player would have been nice. being able to get into seperate cars etc. and i was also expecting more violance in the cutscenes. the one thing i like about gta are the cutscenes, but ever since Vice came out they've really toned down the violance in cutscenes :'(

    first post yay

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