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  1. ^ is a man < is not a virgin thanx to his mom V ditto
  2. hmmm. i see you guys arent big on the movie side of things
  3. end of the lines is a great mission so it's between that and breakling the bank at caligulars both are great missions
  4. yer i waas thinkin the same thing like Air rescue missions in a paramedic helicopter
  5. definatly the banshee
  6. i don't understand what you're askin' for
  7. hi all!? i'm new! well i was 11 posta ago only just found the welcome topic so hi
  8. it ain't lettin me download Johnlines vid
  9. i was kind of expecting something i dunno....Longer but yer that was a kool trailer
  10. this topic doesnt really have too much of a point to it but still. i dunno where that pic is. as it's so damn small! if you ask mer it looks too real to be SA
  11. the music was brill. as it was the time when rap was just becoming the new 'Thing' they did pretty well to catch the early 90's feeling music wise. i'm a fan of rap. not huge but i like it and so. i like most the music even the none rap stuff eDIT: Sorry i didn't realise the last post to this topic was on the 21st. i don;t think thats too bad of a bump?
  12. the Girlfriends. it's a nice touch to the game. and it would be great if planned out more. but i think it;s the worst bit of SA. it's annoying when you're just messin around in Los Santos and then Barbara calls you from all the way over in Venturas askin for a date. and you're like, man i can't be arsed goin all the way to Venturas. it's just annoying there is also eating and losing your well earned muscle but thansk to the 'Never got hungry cheat' that is no longer a problem
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