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  1. id find a cool bike i want on sa but when i put the mod on and try to load it it closes out and says theres a problem with the program and has to shut down whats wrong?
  2. also im looking for a 77 amc pacer
  3. hey i need some road warrior cars and other movie cars if oyu can find any thanks
  4. Zemer

    Car Request

    well i looked and only found like 2 cars fast and the furious and the batmodile. if anyone has any cool movie cars please post them.
  5. i was wondering if anyone had some special cars from different movies like the delorean from any of the bttf movies. and like the road warrior cars. anything of that nature?
  6. hey i was wondering if anyone has a VCM car mod of Joe Dirts Daytona and Clouds motor bike from FF7 advent children thanks
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