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  1. xCynicx

    Hunting people car bomb style

    I decided to go and kill people car bomb suicide style. Let me know what you think. Also have created a new logo and channel art. Let me know your thoughts on that to.
  2. xCynicx

    GTA 5 Challenge Series

    In this video im trying to get on the train, by car. If you have also managed to get your car onto a train, feel free to send me a link with the video of you doing that. I will add a link to your video in the discription.
  3. xCynicx

    GTA 5 Challenge Series

    This video is a compilation of the failed attempts while making the Besra Highway Patrol video. Let me know what u think in the comments and dont forget to hit the like button and subscribe Before watching this video i suggest u watch the Besra Highway Patrol Challenge first, if you have not done so already.
  4. xCynicx

    GTA 5 Challenge Series

  5. xCynicx

    GTA 5 Challenge Series

    GTA 5 Challenge - Besra Highway Patrol In this challenge i start in a besra stuntplane in Los Santos Airport. I have to fly from the airport to the Los Santos Bridge close to it, and start following the highway. I have to go below every bridge, tunnel and highway sign. If i stop, blow up or my plane stops working the challenge ends. If you try this challenge yourself and make it farther then me. Leave a reply with your video
  6. xCynicx

    GTA 5 Challenge Series

    Trying to land on the cargo train with a small airplane xD
  7. xCynicx

    GTA 5 Challenge Series

    Im doing a challenge series on youtube. The first challenge was trying to survive a jump off the tallest building in Los Santos. Let me know what you think, and if you have any other challenges for me.