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    Modding cars >__>

    But... when I downloaded the files... They were called sabretur.dff and sabretur.txd
  2. 3ruce

    Modding cars >__>

    Ok.. so... I downloaded the ferrari enzo 2003 version it has the .txd, .dff and z3d files Now, I got imagetool2 the one you can use with SA and I found a car I wanted to replace with the ferrari, first, I noticed if I right clicked there was an option to replace so I clicked replace and clicked on the .txd file of the ferrari, I played the game and when I spawned the car nothing appeared, I found this strange so I tried again with another car but this time, I backuped and deleted the file then inserted the ferrari file named the same as the original car. I know i've missed out something or w/e Help please?
  3. 3ruce

    Modding cars >__>

    =/ Umm.. thanks for the response but im still kind of lost.. So the txd files and the dff files of the car are both in the gta3 folder thing? It's just really annoying having to find them..