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  1. MSThug

    i was thinkin...

    I know you can downgrade it easily but I don't know if you can get 1.0 in stores. How To Downgrade: 1. First download this: I NEED 4 REED RULES LOL 2. Unrar/Unzip 3. Replace the original gta_sa.exe (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas) (BACKUP FIRST) 4. I believe you've just been downgraded! (I know this works for sure with 1.01 but not sure about 2.0. Give it a shot.
  2. MSThug

    Orange CJ Clothes

    Well I could do that... But I don't know which files to edit... Know what I mean?
  3. MSThug

    Orange CJ Clothes

    Yes that is CJ... It is confirmed on the Rockstar site I think in the Characters section for CJ that's the picture that's there.
  4. MSThug

    Orange CJ Clothes

    The chain is at SubUrban... But you can't get those clothes? What happened to Orange Grove Street then? That's very dissapointing...
  5. MSThug


    I love this store cause it's expensive and the clothes look goooooood... I bought out the whole store... xD
  6. MSThug

    Hardest Mission

    I think the hardest mission was the one where you had to take your bike and get on the plane... I couldn't do it so I used a Bikes Speed Mod "
  7. "Does The Pope Shit In The Woods?" "You Do Know I'm Black And Not Chinese Right?" "One Time I Went Swimming In The Santa Maria And I Got A Condom Stuck To My Face." Good times in San Andreas...
  8. MSThug


    Yeah I sorta have a problem similar to this... I turn on the CarSpawner when I'm in the game infront of my house and when I click Spawn it says "gta_sa.exe" has encountered a problem and needs to close."
  9. Yo, Where do you get the orange clothes that CJ is wearing in this picture? Thanks, MSThug