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  1. Hi ! I'm a Gtasa modder from Romania,since our gta communities vanished or not used ( 0 members online) I decided to look for a foreign gta community in order to expose my mods and their famous stories...I say stories because when I usually build a mod for Gta Sa I start a story for it too(the romanians were soexcited with this ,they loved it ! but it lasted for 2-3 years after that the whole community was shut down along with my stories) I'm not sure if i started this new topic in the right place,but here it seemed suitable. First mod I'm gonna post is our classic romanian car, Dacia 1310 MLS which is a replica of the famous Renault 12 from France. The car is currently being restored after a loooooong break : Stay tuned for more ! Next time I'm gonna post the car's story(where it has been found,in what stage the restoration is,spare parts,her whole history & more ) Hope u will like it,if so,I'm looking forward to hear your own personal opinion.
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