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  1. lol, i found a chopper called "Lilltle Willie" Locations: 1. Junkyard 2.on top of the firts house you get on the right island(not lance's house)
  2. lol, i destroyed like 200 cars and got a 5 star wanted level
  3. ya, i beat all the missions all i need are the rest of the empires,rampages,unique jumps
  4. can some one take a pic because i cant find it iv been searching for 5 mins and still can't find it
  5. uuuuhhhh, SE? its not there i just checked there is no hunter
  6. ok i will try that thx(THX for quick reply)
  7. PS2: After you have compleated the game is there any way you can use the hunter(Army chopper)???
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