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  1. Well i owned it on Xbox and lent it to a friend and he somehow managed to break it.
  2. My sounds in movies don't play! The speaking doesn't play anyway. I can here the carsand weapons and stuff. But no speech. I have lost my DVD and i dont know where to find the sound folder now? Any help please?
  3. Thanks for your help i will try that and hopefully it should work!
  4. i removed every trace of it. Or i might have missed something...
  5. I dont think that turning gta into a stealth game is the best idea. They have games dedicated to stealth and assasination. Gta wouldnt have the gta spirit of just running down a street with a uzi a shooting peoples tyres. I guess abit of stealth wouldnt hurt. But too much and i think i would ruin the game. Just my opinion!
  6. Hi well the first time i installed vice city it was working fine then i put mods in it. It started to bug up and stuff. But i could always fix it by re-installing it. Then i used that vcmm and it bugged up again. And i have uninstalled everything all the mod programs. Vice city, all of it. I reinstalled without any mods and it still doesn't work. Ill start a game and ill drive for abit then it says that exception thing. Well anyway i have installed it and unistalled it over 5 times now. No result. Can anyone help please. I have no idea what is causing it. And i tried system restore but it doesnt go back far enough!!!!! Any help appreciated.
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