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  1. RT @AlexxBingHAM: One of the best GWF episodes I've listened to yet. @John_Wayne_Racy tells her incredible story about her escape from a ho…

  2. @jdrydn @netflix @HouseofCards Final season comes out soon! Such a good show just a shame about Kevin Spacey :(

  3. RT @Krystenritter: JESSICA JONES 2 out March 8th

  4. @PlayStationUK I am looking at this month's free playstation plus games and the store is telling me they are all fr… https://t.co/pf2lTJ06fq

  5. RT @IGNUK: RT for your chance to win a limited edition #SWB2 PS4 Pro bundle to celebrate the release of #TheLastJedi! 5 runners-up win a co…

  6. RT @_sarahlizzi: #PeakyBlinders is

  7. Shame it didn't arrive before @FNATIC dropped out of #Worlds2017 but at least I am ready for #SpringSplit2018 https://t.co/lMVfkCA5C7

  8. @akalamusic Let them eat chaos by @katetempest is on constant repeat for me right now

  9. @HastingsDirect Why is my car insurance renewal price £300 more expensive than if I make a new application?

  10. @iluv_lamp https://t.co/0JzoOeh5VH

  11. Cannot wait to start my grad job and use a real server side scripting language #giveMeDotNet #phpSucks

  12. RT @matt_house: BREAKING: UKIP now distributing Listerine to prospective voters to counteract the sour taste that will follow voting for th…

  13. RT @sjokz: Double screen, double double double screen

  14. Not only is it a billion degrees in the library some savage is going around stealing the keyboard rests #RageIsBlowingGages

  15. RT @IGN: Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton will play Sam Houser and Jack Thompson in the BBC's GTA Drama http://t.co/iuAu8qEtLT http://t.co/…

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