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  1. no word of a lie, I have literally slept through sunday woke up about 10 minutes ago

    1. Ivan


      Respect my man.

  2. XML assignement done. All i have left to do before the end of term is finish off this set theory assessment. Happy days

  3. In reference to sebastian from the little mermaid;Me: so why is he a rasta?Helen: coz he is a crabOf course...

  4. has just seen the advert for gordon ramseys christmas cook-a-long, what a bastard lol

  5. Congratulations once again to James Gauci and Jonathan Gauci on their graduation day

  6. Essay almost done, just over 1000 words and just my conclusion to write, not too shabby :)

  7. Had a great masturbation session whilst Helen was out shopping.

  8. Info Sys Lecture cancelled, rest of the day off? Oh wait no I have an Info Sys essay to write...

  9. only way this bonfire night could have been better is if I had watched V for Vendetta, that aside, cracking night with Helen Louisa Davies, Jake Blatchford, Maève Holden and Iain Duff

  10. first assignment of the year back, 79% not too shabby, I will take that.

  11. Actually made it to my lecture on time despite missing the bus I was supposed to get and the next one coming 20 mins late. Great success! Let's hope the rest of my day is as successful

  12. less than 24 hours till the first GTA V trailer is released :D

  13. has finally completed Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on veteran difficulty

  14. Halloween, take 2 - now going as Jack Skellington.

  15. Why oh why are there so many good games being released soon, I mean Battlefield 3 came out the other day, next week Uncharted 3 come out as does Modern Warfare 3 followed by Skyrim and assassins Creed Revelations! Clearly the gaming industry want to bankrupt me and make me fail my degree =/

  16. just listened to the acoustic version of 'Do it like a dude' by Jessie J on Spotify. Oh my God it is amazing

  17. Reinstalling windows... biggest pain in my ass ever!

  18. sausage, bacon and egg toasted sandwich and Billy Talent whilst waiting for the beautiful Helen Louisa Davies to get ready. Does life get better? Probably not.

    1. Chris


      Yeah, playing GTA V while you wait for her :)

    2. TrialByFire
  19. super psyched for GTA V! For all the latest news, discussions and theories about the game or any previous GTA games: www.thegtaplace.com

    1. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      thegtaplace.com? I've been there once, what a shitty website :P

    2. Chris


      yeah worst site ever. I much prefer MyCoolGTASite.freeShitWebhost.geocities.lycos.coolsite.com

    3. TrialByFire


      Wow Chris, that sounds like a pretty cool site

  20. getting back into GTA IV and the episodes

  21. Off to my seminar I go