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    - A flyable jet, like the lears at the Airport. - An attack helicopter/airplane. (like the Apache in ALL HANDS ON DECK, or an F-16 that fires missiles) - Residental neighborhoods. - The ability to steal things from businesses/homes. - The ability to sell things. - The ability to buy/steal things to customize a vehicle/place. - Mini-Games (like the annoying arcade game in the Taxi garage...but playable) - Legitimate car/boat/aircraft dealership. - Character customization. - Variable destination Taxis. - More control over your gang. - Diplomacy with other NPCs (Police Chief/Mayor/Other gang leader/etc.) A cellphone would be a good interface for this. - Swimming. - Gambling. - Many more Interior spaces. - Neighboring small cities/towns that can be visited. - More control over business assets. - Better police AI. (Why surrender, it dosen't get you anything?) - Diffrent military services. - Better pedestrian/driver AI. - Ability to attach trailers to certain vehicles. (Boat trailer, car trailer, plane stairs at escobar, etc.) - More realistic carnage. - Higher detailed people models. - A brothel, lol. -More, I'm sure, but that's all I have for now.