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  1. Hey that aint kind of you :angry: , ok guys il try to go with the gimp suit & date :) her but the funny thing is that CJ sais spil it out u filthy worm :lol: :lol:now i think that my mind is messed up the game goes like this i follow her get the gimp suit get to her house & then i spoke her & like saying spil' it out u filthi worm & then i fail the mission :clapping:;)

  2. hy guys I arrived is las venturas made some misions & i have hte one with wooozie & i have to exite that freak girl & i fail every time & ia have some misions withe z that nerd & dont wana do them & torenos misions <_< cause their are anoing(excuse the english im romanain & learning)wat to do :mellow:

  3. Holy Crap, emote overload lol

    All I can say is use the mouse (if possible, dunno if PC versions have mouse support) or get an analogue controller of some kind. I honestly can't imagine beating Flight School with digital controls. Not with any degree of ease, anyway.

    Are there any missions in particular that are annoying you?

    yea the freakin circle around the base & throw those coronas but are there any more apart from the airstrip cyrcle ;) its not the mosue control or things like that that freakin plane goes in reload :pissedred: & its very anoyng i get to the 4th & 5th & then i go cabomy & crash :bashhead::pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred::bannage:

  4. I've been at this for 3+ days. I didn't say that I couldn't fly for crap just for nothing.

    WTF?....I was never frustrated by the flying school. P for Patience and P for practice, not P for Pissed off :P

    It took me a month to do so, i even thought my version of SA was not legal and so it happened, but it wasn't the case even though it ain't legal :D

    so practice and i agree with following user and what he says :

    When did it become too much of a challenge to play a video game?

    yo dude the guy is right its very hard i am stil at the flying school :pissed::pissedred: :pissedred: i can fly but it enoyse me the crapy coronas (sory for hte bad english but im romanian & still learning)& i have been for about 5 days + :bashhead: this mision sucks :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: im so >.<:R*N::R*: this is my savegame http://rapidshare.com/files/53098792/GTA_S...DDY_91.rar.html if anyone please help me with the flying school i beg u :worship::cheers::bannage: