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  1. :P thanks all guys for your help exept toxic I have done it,i have ended the game im awaiting now gta 4
  2. been ther done that :D new problem now im at tempenyin los santos or i dont know i forgot back at grove street & after i killed sweet gota chase him & cj's brother hops in & we schuitch places the car explodes & mission failes
  3. Hey that aint kind of you , ok guys il try to go with the gimp suit & date her but the funny thing is that CJ sais spil it out u filthy worm :lol:now i think that my mind is messed up the game goes like this i follow her get the gimp suit get to her house & then i spoke her & like saying spil' it out u filthi worm & then i fail the mission
  4. what kill her & brake in her hoiuse sounds fun or i havent understud :lol: ok il try again & again thx guys:D
  5. me to had the same thing about modding :mellow:
  6. hy guys I arrived is las venturas made some misions & i have hte one with wooozie & i have to exite that freak girl & i fail every time & ia have some misions withe z that nerd & dont wana do them & torenos misions cause their are anoing(excuse the english im romanain & learning)wat to do
  7. dudes thanks for the tips but i have already passed the lesson before u guys post i concentradet& did it ^_^forgot used mega trainer xl for the school ^_^forgot used mega trainer xl for the school ^_^forgot used mega trainer xl for the school
  8. dude thanks for the lesson
  9. got an question after i usegta garage to replace the original models & put my own mod s wat to do presss x or commnad rebuild archive either those the game still block & does not respon <_<
  10. good for u i know i can do it but its enoyng me every time i do it the freakin plane is goin just the oposite way i wana
  11. yea the freakin circle around the base & throw those coronas but are there any more apart from the airstrip cyrcle its not the mosue control or things like that that freakin plane goes in reload & its very anoyng i get to the 4th & 5th & then i go cabomy & crash :pissedred:
  12. WTF?....I was never frustrated by the flying school. P for Patience and P for practice, not P for Pissed off It took me a month to do so, i even thought my version of SA was not legal and so it happened, but it wasn't the case even though it ain't legal so practice and i agree with following user and what he says : yo dude the guy is right its very hard i am stil at the flying school :pissedred: i can fly but it enoyse me the crapy coronas (sory for hte bad english but im romanian & still learning)& i have been for about 5 days + this mision sucks :thumbsdown: im so this is my savegame http://rapidshare.com/files/53098792/GTA_S...DDY_91.rar.html if anyone please help me with the flying school i beg u
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