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  1. hook91

    going to buy

    before i buy vc stories I want to know what are the differenses between "stories" and the first vice city
  2. hook91

    going to buy

    sry havent buyed it yet but shall i buy it on pc or ps2??
  3. hook91

    can´t find the mod i want :´(

    thx it works now i only need a speedo meter i have the one froom spookie but i dont know how it works also wants a mod that makes bikes drives on the walls or can I just change that in the handling???
  4. sry for my bad english I cant find the mod i want it is a mod where you can stunt with your motorbike and do stunts like sitting on the tank and do the "superman" also i cant find any speedometer that works the one made from ("spookie" dont know how to spell it) dont tell me to search on google i´ve already tried that this dude has the mod
  5. hook91

    Problem with installing new bike skin

    I have that mod too and it didnt work with sami for me so i installed it with imgtools and now it works
  6. hook91

    going to buy

    I will buy it next week but will i still be tommy vercetti ???
  7. hook91


    or kill her then woozie will call you and tell you that you have to break in to her house and steal the card
  8. hook91

    your least favorite mission

    least favorite is zeros misson so booooring favorite i think is fender ketchup or the last one when you kill big smoke :'(
  9. hook91


    I was just playing SA and i were driving in my yamaha r1(pcj 600) and sudenly a car turned crashed and landed in the forest with the bike to my right and then that f**king rustler that always follows you crashed right on my when i was lying on the ground and what do Dollars: 30 mean???
  10. the comments when you crash your car with another one in traffic and from vc it is my knees are greater than yours when you steal a car
  11. hook91

    your favorite car or truck

    walton 4 life its just so funny to sit on the back and shot other car drivers in the head
  12. hook91

    Change Police Bike Color

    haha or pigbike
  13. hook91

    i need hellp

    use SAMI its perfekt for installing mods to san andreas 1.just extract the dowloaded mod in a folder 2. then launch sami and chose "install a mod" and chose "folder" then you chose the folder where you extrakted the mod and press ok and install