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  1. i found out how to turn on hte cops you have to use the phone then go to multiplayer then go to preferences
  2. when i try to create a freemode game in gta i cant turn on the cops and i cant turn on friendly fire either and changing to auto aim dosent work too why doesnt this work? this is on xbox 360. And i don´t have the lost and damned edition
  3. will it only be some new ugly choppers in L&D or will they add some new sport bikes and cars to otherwise the L&D is pointless
  4. will it only be new choppers in L&D or will they do some more sports bikes?
  5. if you wreck the car to much sp it wont start just hold the left trigger and call a number from the phone like 5 or 911 then the car will start works on both xbox 360 and ps3
  6. will this run the game intel pentium 4 3.2 ghz 1gb ddr2 nvidia geforce 6800gs 512mb ddr3 XP i could run crysis with this on most the settings on medium or this intel core due 3.0ghz 6mb 2x2 gb ddr2 nvidia geforce 6800gs 512mb ddr3 XP
  7. just wondering because i want this mods http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=2651
  8. to get nitro to the car try with the cheat SPEEDFREAK but i dont think you can use it in multiplayer
  9. a volvo 740 and a fiat 127 would be nice
  10. so lets se if i got this right u cant mod cars or bikes or is still cars modable?
  11. I still wanna know if its possible to mod cars and maybe bikes to?
  12. 1.get in the hydra press w to hover up a bit 2. hold down 8 on the numpad for a few secs and you´re off to get back to hover mode hold down 2 on the numpad 3. shoot on left ctrl and mouse button 1 and lock on with space
  13. sry if this is OT what do you do in Bully are you just a child that fucks around in a school or what?
  14. that didnt help me much but thx anyway i already have the 240 ,850, i only need 740 and 940 and i writed wrong i meant VW Golf II
  15. hi could u plz find: Aprilia sx50 VW II volvo 740 and Harley David son electra glide http://www.motorcycleconnect.com/Harley_Da...tra_Glide_1.jpg
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