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  1. Nekon

    wich do u prefer

    I'd have to say Family Guy, because I think it's the randomness of the show that makes it so funny. One of my favorite episodes is when Peter meets "Death" who later on injures his ankle and revokes the possibilty of anyone dying. "I bet I could go up to those scary lookin' bikers and say 'Hey, aren't you Richard Simmons?'" hahahahahaahaha. Good shit. I alos like the Simpsons a great deal, but the newer episodes aren't as good. Which is why I choose family guy.
  2. Nekon

    Which do u like better?

    ^ Agreed. I perfer South Park because I personally think the creators (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) are comical geniuses. Surprisingly enough, every episode (To me, anyway) always feels fresh and always has me laughing my ass off. Whether they're making fun of celebrities like Mel Gibson, or singing songs about how big a bitch Kyles mom is, this show owns. Meh, I've seen a couple of episodes of MadTV, and I personally didn't like them. They were more "stupid" than funny.