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  1. ya in india software is cheaper compared to your currency but for us its very costly i'll tell you a thing all the computers in our locality run in pirated windows and softwares...... i too pray gta pc version releases........
  2. then what do you dodo u buy the original disks or what????and are there any communities in your place that fund gamers...if so you are very lucky here if you r a gamer nobody cares.......
  3. I live in India........ here original game comes after 5-6 months after it releases there and the pirated comes within 3-4 weeks...... I am telling you the facts thats alll.... you once visit here and see 4 ur self nobody buys original disks and why are the original disks so costly man its impossible to afford here there are so many talented gamers here but we cant show our talent as we are not so rich thats Why?????
  4. k......... sorry no piracy.... i too don support piracy but here it very rare you get original disk....
  5. i think you must be bored with my curiosity........ does anyone work here for R* and what does blu-ray disk mean and how much will a original disk cost cause its is very expensive here.... here you get a pirated game for 1/2 dollar...... whats the cost of the original disk......
  6. k..... so there will be no PC version... and can you convert a ps3 game to pc..... otherwise i have no other option but to buy a pirated version when it arrives here but till now all the series have been released in pc right...... then why not this one?????? is the graphics very high or does the game not fit in 1 or 2 dvd's......
  7. in your country is the PC version popular or only PS3 and XBOX360 is popular and does any member here work for rockstar...... and if u have any yahoo id pls tell me thanx....
  8. OK... then pls reply when the pc version releases but why is the PC version always late...... isnt it that the PC version brings lots of revenue to the company... PLS REPLY.... and, thanx for ur support nobody replies to my msgs in INDIA.........
  9. but when will the PC release come???? and my configuration was the best available in south india..... higher models are not available u have to import them which is very expensive....... pls reply
  10. hello guys I just wanted to ask when will the PC version release???? and what will be its system requirements my system configuration is:- 1]AMD Athlonx2 dual core processor 5600+ @2.85Ghz 2]2 Gb DDR2 ram @667Mhz 3]ASUS M2N-E-Sli motherboard 4]GeForce 8500GT 512 mb.... Will it work in my PC...... Please Reply THANKS>>>
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