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  1. I would take pictures, but I play the PS2 version, so i don't know how. But if you know how to take pics on ps2 version, i well. Hopefully my directions well be enough to get you there. I didn't mention that there is a police bribe in the cave.
  2. hey, i found a cave that I haven't seen mention of anywhere else, so is it my discovery, or am I just being stupid? How to get to the cave: Go to your bone county house, go down the hill by your boat, and you'll see the cave embodied in the hill, the cave ends just by the road leading up to the "big ear"
  3. okay, early in the game i used cheats, and now i have 15 million dollars. But i dont want it.. so do you guys have any ideas on how to blow my money as quickly as possible? I've already tried buying hugely expensive sports cars in the import/export and buying satchel charges (which are 2000$ each) but it's still too damn slow so far the best way i've found is to buy cheetahs for 82000$ each, but that still takes a while! anyway, thanks for your help on my stupid topic!!
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