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  1. I was wondering if someone can help me put some Dallas Cowboys paint jobs on the lowriders liverys and all the new cars that came out as well including the saltan RS and any other car with liveries except the police vehicles I have several pics that you can use I would supply the pics to use for the vehicles and files if need be i don't know how to even make my own liveries and or paint jobs I keep messing up and I don't know what I am doing when it comes to making my own vehicle paint job/liveries so if its cool if you can make me some Dallas Cowboys paint jobs/liveries that be awesome and thanks and keep up the awesome work. P.S. The paint jobs/liveries in the game itself are boring and lame I'm tired of using the same old vanilla paint jobs/liveries I really would love to see my Dallas Cowboys colors and logos and liveries on all DLC vehicles including helicopters and planes and once again thanks you guys are awesome. I do have more but didn't have enough room.