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  1. Well first of all i want to say hello to all guys on this forum. First of all i want to tell u that i have 6 years 3D/2D expirince, Was modding games from Civ III to Q4. But this is not introduction part of forum so let me begin. I didnt saw anywhere whats the max poly/traingle count limit per model. So if someone can tell me ill be thankfull. I was watching some older topics on forum n i saw some interesting reqs for mods. @ Cliff Burton - That bike is bad ass it looks like Clouds from FF: Advent Children. So ill try to make it if i got time becouse right now im making models for 2 mods @ Vinnie_Vincent - Thing witch ur asking is so simple. U only have to make new texture for car becouse u have model of it but before u do anything ask owner/author of the model will he allow u to use model and make some changes on it. (respect rights) @ Eddward - I have somewhere on the comp model of AK witch looks something like that lil changes n they will b same when i finish with modeling ill post it here Thats all from me for now ill be visit this forum from time to time becouse i dont like to spam n one more reason im busy. Oh n one more thing im apologise from spelling i wrote this at 6 am my time after 8hs of work so u have to understand me also if someone needs help with modeling feel free to send me pm
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