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  1. (If there is a forum where I could post this please move it if I'm not posting in the right topic) So far from the games I've played and seen, Rockstar has done places such as Miami (Vice City), South California (San Andreas), New York (Liberty City), and I guess London if that counts. Anyways I was born and raised in South Florida, Palm Beach County my whole life and a lot does happen down here and a lot has happened in my life and as I was playing GTA while a lil stoned I kinda often keep thinking about things in Palm Beach that was kind of GTA worthy. I sorta have a concept for this mission-wise and I wanna make a whole new mod for San Andreas based on Palm Beach County (Sea Beach is its GTA name) but I really need a lot of modders' help (also teaching I guess to put it) with extracting a map from Google Earth/Maps and make it a 3D model in order to be compatible with San Andreas' engine.
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    Hey fellow grims, my name is Slime, a 17 year old somewhat of a gamer (I used to play games a lot during my childhood but now I kinda just focus on music and other stuff so ehh). I love the Grand Theft Auto series and the reason why I joined up is because these mods are really interesting, and I have some ideas of my own but I don't really have a lot of knowledge on making these Cleo mods. Oh yeah this is somewhat off topic, but I wanna get help from people on making a huge mod it's an idea of mine but I don't know where I could post it.