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  1. GTA San Andreas: nearly each gamer and even each standard one spent hours and hours taking part in that game attempting to induce a stronger CJ and finishing missions whereas gaining money and doing medication or perhaps whores along the approach we tend to met several characters that completed the storyline of the game to form it one in every of the foremost superb games ever been, now I'll surprise you with uncovering the face of each character voice player as shown below : Characters Voices Player We begin with our main star Carl 'CJ' Johnson the most character of the game that is our San Andreas hero Young Maylay Now we move to the brother Sean 'Sweet' Johnson that always saved CJ's ass in many hard situations Faizon Love Now to the sister that invariably was shouting within the game Kendall Johnson Yolanda Whittaker And now to my own favorite character Melvin 'Big Smoke' Harris Clifton Powell The crazy dude Lance 'Ryder' Wilson MC Eiht Jas Anderson as OG Loc Samuel L. Jackson as Officer Tenpenny Big Boy as Barry 'Big Bear' Thorne Eugene Jeter Jr. as Emmet