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  1. okay, no need to solve because i did, it turned out that crashing was caused by faulty savegames, which contained (most likely) some broken code inside. we can close the topic.
  2. I started to experience this today. Yesterday everything was okay, but today this game started crashing after approx 3-4 minutes of playing. I got an unhandled exception error c000005 at address 004db315. I don't know what does this address mean. I also tried all the fixes that people suggested (f.e. delete gta_vc.set, download Silent Patch, add a DEP exception, run as an administrator, set compatibility to Windows XP SP3, since the Windows 98/Me doesn't work completely, download d3d8.dll file and paste it into root folder) My mods: SilentPatch, DDraw, CLEO, CLEO Car Spawner here is a screenshot of a folder