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  1. This place still exists? This is like a time machine I remember posting here in like 2007-08, the summer before GTAIV. I was like 13 years old, lol. I have weirdly fond memories posting here. I was a stupid kid. I remember all the old users, like chris, chris82, gerard, ps3_player, jace, spider_vice, artur, harwood_butcher and a few others. It was a good time. I remember the heated console wars thread. The speculation of GTAIV. Some people were really mean but I was a stupid 13 year old kid, most were really nice. I was banned for something stupid, is it still ban evasion if it's 12 years later? I hope not. I had a fairly reprehensible screen name, so I won't repeat it. I probably won't post here after this but I was just curious. Also, I'm disappointed in the direction R* is going in. RDR2 might be the last great R* game. Not expecting any replies, just thought I'd reminisce about a different time. Most members I remember have probably moved on.
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